Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ah! Technology...

working with clunky computers is no fun. :(

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hell hath no...

Nothing more ferocious than a pissed off woman, yes?
Unfortunately, I just had to face a kick-in-the-gut kind of heartache. Normally I'm one of the more peaceful people around and the women I draw are the gentle, flower wearing, beach loving kinds. But nothing like having someone scorn you to bring out the inner Kali faced-skull wearing-Imma eat soup from your severed head-breed of anger.

Im really enjoying this linocut esque style right now. Mostly because slowly scratching away all the lines and negative spaces while listening to Susheela Raman's version of 'Voodoo chile' is great, great catharsis for this sad heart.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

And a film was born

Finally, as promised, my classroom project is up.

Ive been typing out the official synopsis of this film so often, that I dont feel like doing it again here. So all I'll say is that this is sorta my love letter to the sea.

Also I made this comic below during the last few days that I was finishing up my film (this was in April)

Click to enlarge please

And as cliched as I think the whole my-film-is my baby line is, making one from scratch sure felt like one. Though of course, my knowledge about birthing babies is limited to... well... that it happens!

I hope you enjoy and please do leave feedback!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That beachy feeling

So it hit me again. I want, no, NEED to go to the beach. Anyone who even vaguely knows me, will tell you that I find the sea and beach mesmerising. Though I dont know why Im getting sudden pangs. Maybe because Avirup has been talking about a trip to Diu a lot lately.
Maybe its because of these moody rains that wont let up.
Or my rainy mood that wont either...
Also Ive been thinking of my classroom project again (Im uploading it, I promise!), so I guess thats where the imagery comes from.

And yes, thank you Nandini for kicking my ass a little and getting me to do this!

Tried the whole photoshop brushes jazz, though I must admit I half assed my way through the backgrounds :P

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dancing queen

The original one.

Meant to draw it as a foil to natraja's more aggressive force, and while the figure of natrani does exist I wont say that my drawing is an accurate representation of her.
I drew it at a time when my body was complaining that I wasn't dancing enough. I guess thats why it took me months to finish this, since she kept reminding me of what I was missing. Maybe now that the painting is done I'll move a little bit more.

Micron pen and inks on cartridge.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby, baby, quite contrary...

A few friends and I went to watch the movie 'Rango' yesterday, and the enjoyable experience of watching a nice movie and a wonderfully air conditioned hall on a hot summer afternoon was some what marred by a three year old and his (obnoxious) parent sitting in front of us. The kid spent half of the movie asking his dad what was happening on screen and the rest staring at us and chanting 'popcorn! popcorn!'
This comic was somewhat prompted by that incident, my inability/refusal to deal with kids and Gala Darling's post on the subject.
Now to tell my mum about my future (non) family plans. Soon.
Please click to enlarge.

P.S. sorry about crappy scan quality, it was a rush job on the insti scanner.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Illustration friday : Bottled

My friend Charu and I were roommates last year. I made this drawing then of the collection of various bottles we had on the floor in a very dorm-DIY-esque instalation. What my mum called junk when she came visiting, we called 'art' (ok, so we never called it anything, but 'art' is a nice name for the proof of our drinking habit! )

Monday, March 7, 2011

Illustration Friday : warning

My mum was always warning me that if I din't drink my milk everyday, I'd be a bad girl.

On a side note though, parents are funny creatures. They warn us about the most inane things in the hopes that we dont become bad/dead people, like drink your milk, eat your food, dont be fat, look both ways before crossing the road, dont get tattoos etc etc. So much so that they forget to warn us about the things that really mke us bad. I dont think I've ever heard a parent say "dont do that, thats a bad life decision!"...nope, not ever.

watercolours and pencil colours on paper.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I normally write a little something below each of my posts, but for this one, I can't think.
Mostly because this was one of things that I just saw in my head (while I was 'working'), and then drew out.
Twisted sleep cycles and work stress is doing strange things to me.
Digital scratch to finish. (Ideally I would have drawn the woman in inks.)