Saturday, February 28, 2009

they really do

it was during class....our faculty was going on about layouts and story boarding
and out of nowhere...i wanted mutton biryani
for all those who haven't had an insane desire to eat mutton biryani at some strange time- you've never lived!!
pen on paper, scarf texture on photoshop

this is where it began

some time past midnight, i was working.
i was hungry
and something deep inside me wanted fries....really BAD
pen on paper

fish head

dont ask....
because i dont really know

waterproof ink on paper

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

EP inspires

something i scribbled while on a bus journey during our 'environmental perception' (EP) course last year. i look back at this picture, and realise how kitchy/pop it is.
just reminds me of how much more i want/need to travel around the country.

pen on paper, typo with acrylic and crayon


shoes-i like
my feet- ugly
its funny how most of us seem to think that feet are ugly beings.

pen on paper, scanned and coloured on photoshop