Monday, April 23, 2012

Of plants and trees

Click on image to view full details please!

Some work I had done for the good people over at Vriksha nursery. Illustrations for their blog background. Unfortunately the project fell through, I was crazy busy shifting home/life base. I had super amounts of fun doing these though!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Space gypsy

I've been fussing over this one for quite a while. She started out as a tiny outlet to my frustration in the corner of one of my notebooks. The type had me bothered for quite a while too. But I decided to let go at one point, and here she is, beautiful. Just as she was meant to be.
Hopefully her three eyes provide me with some insight over the weeks to come.

Im thinking of converting these to prints, or maybe T shirts. What do you think?

Much love, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2012


(Do check out the link, its an unlisted youtube video, so I couldnt post it here)

Early feb.
I'd promised Adu that I'd paint the wall in his new home quite for quite a while. Finally made a quick trip to Mangalore for four hot,, sweltering unventilated days of wall painting. Did I get a head rush from all the paint fumes? Yes, yes I did. But its turned out really beautifully and I'm so glad I took some time out to do this. First mural *YAY!*

Just to give you a feel, the White Tara is almost as big as me (5ft 4in, thank you very much) and the painted room is small enough for the painting to loom over it all! I still need to add some finishing flourishes, just waiting to get a few days off so I can do it.

Sorry about the shaky video, Adu's handywork. The boy does take brilliant pictures though! Go look!