Monday, April 16, 2012


(Do check out the link, its an unlisted youtube video, so I couldnt post it here)

Early feb.
I'd promised Adu that I'd paint the wall in his new home quite for quite a while. Finally made a quick trip to Mangalore for four hot,, sweltering unventilated days of wall painting. Did I get a head rush from all the paint fumes? Yes, yes I did. But its turned out really beautifully and I'm so glad I took some time out to do this. First mural *YAY!*

Just to give you a feel, the White Tara is almost as big as me (5ft 4in, thank you very much) and the painted room is small enough for the painting to loom over it all! I still need to add some finishing flourishes, just waiting to get a few days off so I can do it.

Sorry about the shaky video, Adu's handywork. The boy does take brilliant pictures though! Go look!

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