Tuesday, March 31, 2009

illustration Friday: Poise

At finishing school, they taught me to stay poised,no matter what fears lurk around corners, no matter what grabled words form the sky around me, no matter how sad my eyes may seem.

cheap acrylics, magazine cutouts on test print paper

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i am...

because i love summer afternoons
because i love naps and day dreaming
because i love the red floors and blue walls of my ajji's house
because i love flowers in my hair

oil pastels and charcoal pencil on brown paper

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Illustration Friday: Legendary

a certain god was legendary for being so dark, that people would rather paint him blue.
for being a delightful flautist
for loving all things beautiful.

sometimes i wish i could be like that, while still being a woman.

acrylic, pencil colour, pen and smudges of photoshop.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Illustration Friday : Breezy

breezy sunsets at the beach.
i never wanted to leave.
Ma, Amma and sister would yell their lungs off trying to get me to come home.
i could never stop looking at the sun setting.

medium- acrylics on cartidge paper

Sunday, March 1, 2009


waterproof ink, ceramic colours on random printout i found lying around.


the words are from a song i heard on worldspace (at least i think these are the words)...
if anyone knows the singer or song name..please let me know
waterproof ink,watercolour, wax crayon, oilpastels on paper


acrylics and colour pencil on paper

vitruvian goddess

a LOT of things went into this...i couldnt even begin.
wanted to print this out on fabric(t-shirt or a bag) when jasjyot and kaveri were having screen printing, unfortunately their faculty was acting finicky and the goddess stayed in my sketchbook.
the from was inspired by temple sculptures and tantric mandalas.

waterproof ink on paper, lotus coloured on photoshop


i did this a year back..so i dont remember what was going through .my mind when i did this
pen on paper, watercolours

love of my life

oh plates of carbohydrate+ red meat+sweet chocolatey goodness...i serenade thee

pen on paper

I hate airport waiting lounges

it was 3 am.
i was starving.
my flight was an hour away.
i had exactly Rs 50 in my pocket.
everything in the snack counter was frikking expensive!!!!!
i wanted to cry.
pen on paper


*please excuse the constant change in the way i draw myself..... mostly because i drew them when was hungry

pen on paper

an introduction

well- it DOES!!
pen on paper, colour pencils

cravings strike again

we had a post lunch class an i had eaten waaay too much. was feeling sick about it. but off course the little voice in me wanted a bite of dark chocolate...drool drool...

there could be only one reason why this happned - the mess had served kadi and lauki dal sabji

please excuse me while i barf.

pen on paper