Thursday, November 26, 2009


I've been called bini by my friends for a couple of years. And as with most nicknames its been shortened/stretched/cropped/warped/morphed. Its gone from bini to beeni to beani to beany to beans (and etc etc).
Therefore as a dedication to all my friends and my eternal love/addiction to coffee Ive made this collage of trash from various coffee places...
unfortunately couldn't get a very good scan of it...but please do click on the image to enlarge.

pens, colour pencils, tissue and paper doily from cafes.


  1. Dear Binima,

    Coffee from Milano (this time with the coffee maker as well) finds its way to the nearest Bini and Santa Pig's erstwhile elves this thursday noon.

    Kindly procure stove/hotplate for brewing purposes.

    Thanking you.

    Santa Pig

  2. Hey this a nice piece of the graphic quality of work..keep it up !!!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog. I glanced through your artwork and I see no problem with your uses of black and white. They are colors as well and work great.

    The way I deal with color has 2 steps. I do my work on the computer, so I don't know if these steps can work for traditional painting. Anyway...
    1. I just start adding colors to my artwork. I just go with what feels right. I try to keep in mind complementary colors and especially how shadows from cast light will be the opposite color on the color wheel.
    (Side note: I set my color sliders to HSB mode. That mode is the closest to how the human eye sees color. I will adjust the Hue first, then see if it needs to be more or less Saturated and then I see if it needs to be darker or lighter with the Brightness.)
    2. After I have the whole thing colored, I check to see if it's balanced. If there is too much red on one side, I try to find a place for some red on the other side. I also look at colors I can take out. Often I will have a whole mess of colors when 3 or 4 would do, so I start looking for colors to cut out of the mess. I find the most success when I'm dealing with a few colors at a time (usually 5 or so).
    (2nd side note: I often create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer when I am finishing a piece. Seeing different combinations of color by quickly changing them around has helped me immensely.)

    Good Luck!

  4. Thanks so much!!...i guess painting still comes sort of naturally, but when i sit down to colour something digitally...its usually a whole mess :P