Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby, baby, quite contrary...

A few friends and I went to watch the movie 'Rango' yesterday, and the enjoyable experience of watching a nice movie and a wonderfully air conditioned hall on a hot summer afternoon was some what marred by a three year old and his (obnoxious) parent sitting in front of us. The kid spent half of the movie asking his dad what was happening on screen and the rest staring at us and chanting 'popcorn! popcorn!'
This comic was somewhat prompted by that incident, my inability/refusal to deal with kids and Gala Darling's post on the subject.
Now to tell my mum about my future (non) family plans. Soon.
Please click to enlarge.

P.S. sorry about crappy scan quality, it was a rush job on the insti scanner.


  1. hahahaah! it looks like the mom is actually waiting for you to pamper the baby! its come out nicely

  2. He he! yeah, it actually is that. You should see these new age parents hese days, parading around like their baby is the cutest pound of flesh around.
    And before you say anything, let me clarify, I was an ugly baby.