Thursday, September 22, 2011

And a film was born

Finally, as promised, my classroom project is up.

Ive been typing out the official synopsis of this film so often, that I dont feel like doing it again here. So all I'll say is that this is sorta my love letter to the sea.

Also I made this comic below during the last few days that I was finishing up my film (this was in April)

Click to enlarge please

And as cliched as I think the whole my-film-is my baby line is, making one from scratch sure felt like one. Though of course, my knowledge about birthing babies is limited to... well... that it happens!

I hope you enjoy and please do leave feedback!


  1. Nais nais! That comic is SO BIZARRE and bizarrely true! :)

  2. Quite well done. The comic reminds me of n number of autobiographical comics — the good ones — out there. The writing fits well, too. Kudos.

  3. NICE COMIC :) thats what Tarkovsky said many years back...although he was a man ;)