Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That beachy feeling

So it hit me again. I want, no, NEED to go to the beach. Anyone who even vaguely knows me, will tell you that I find the sea and beach mesmerising. Though I dont know why Im getting sudden pangs. Maybe because Avirup has been talking about a trip to Diu a lot lately.
Maybe its because of these moody rains that wont let up.
Or my rainy mood that wont either...
Also Ive been thinking of my classroom project again (Im uploading it, I promise!), so I guess thats where the imagery comes from.

And yes, thank you Nandini for kicking my ass a little and getting me to do this!

Tried the whole photoshop brushes jazz, though I must admit I half assed my way through the backgrounds :P


  1. I need to go to the beach too! Hows about we skip work and take the canoe this lady is riding to Hawaii??

  2. Oooh I want to leave Autumny England and get in that boat...

  3. @savanna.. That sounds like a very good plan to me !! :D